Madame Tinus (totally_tinus) wrote in dexter_caps,
Madame Tinus

Season 3 Promo clip one

As you might now, the first 2 promo's of Dexter are out.
Now are they of very, very bad quality (but I capped them anyways yes), so maybe you can give me any clue to where I might find a clip from any better quality? Anyhow, the numbers are kinda weird, because I capped them frame to frame and deleted a lot afterwards, so.. If you want the clip frame to frame anyway (for moving icons or something), then let me know! :) Eehrm, here is the first one. I think the second will be up later since I'm tired, but it's coming!!

season: three (3)
# caps: 218

click here to download the rest

P.S. would you even want the second clip capped with this quality? :P
Tags: promo pics, season 3
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